Overall "experience points"

You can gain Stars across Cuukin, by completing lessons, cooking My CuukBook recipes, etc.

Stars are important for leveling up!


Your Current Chef Level

To level up, complete 80% of the lessons in the main storyline (colored Cuukin red in Journey page) & obtain more Stars.

Your Chef Title will update every couple of levels -- so get on working!


Accumulated recipes you have learnt

Shows you the number of dishes you can now cook based on the lessons you have taken

Kin will be super proud to see a huge number here!


In-game currency at Cuukin

Use Cuukies to do fancy stuff like unlocking locked lessons & accessing premium books

Upcoming features -- Earn Cuukies by completing quizzes or buy them in Cuukin Store

Thank you for using Cuukin (beta)!

Kin is working hard on the next update. Meanwhile, we would love if you can support us on Patreon to speed things up.

Any feedback is also welcome at

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